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Introduction to Guitar Making

Guitar Making



Learn the art of Guitar Making.


Detailed Description

For complete beginners, the initial series of sessions concentrate on sharpening, hand tool technique etc., and applying these skills to guitar neck construction, soundboard, ribs and back preparation, ready for the instrument to be constructed in subsequent classes. This is followed by further blocks of 10 weeks, first with the Intermediate, and then the Advanced Class, during which students will learn the techniques of putting together the parts to form a complete instrument.

Every student works at a different pace, but with prior woodwork experience and regular attendance, it is possible acquire the skills to make a guitar in one year (30 weeks). However, some inexperienced students can take two or even three years to complete an instrument.

These courses aim to give participants the opportunity to:

* Acquire the skills & techniques necessary to be competent in guitar making.
* Undertake hands-on practical sessions to create the finished product.
* Build upon previous knowledge.

This course is aimed at individuals with no prior experience, who have a desire to build their own musical instrument.

Dates: 08.01.18 - 12.03.18

Duration: Every Monday for 10 weeks, 17.30 - 20.30