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Introduction to Weaving

Introduction to Weaving



The aim of the course is for the students to gain an understanding of how the weaving process works. You will be guided through the process of weaving from a sketch to a finished material. You will be introduced to a loom and the equipment that supports its use for weaving. Starting with yarn selection, then warp making, learning basic weave structures and all the way through to finishing techniques. You will finish the course with a collection of fabric samples, designed and woven by your own hands.


Detailed Description

Course content:

  • We will be looking at your visual research and selecting appropriate yarns. Then making warps.
  • Loom dressing. So getting your warps onto a loom and threading.
  • Basic weave structures.
  • Personalising the weave structures.
  • Complete weaving and finishing techniques.

By the end of the course, you will have the ability to:

  • Understand how a woven structure is created.
  • Have a vocabulary of weaving terminology.
  • They will understand how different yarns react to one another.
  • Know how to dress a loom.
  • They will know how to weave.

Techniques taught:

  • Yarn selection
  • Warp design and making
  • Loom dressing
  • Woven structures – weaving
  • Finishing techniques


Dates: 25.10.17 - 13.12.17

Day: Wednesday, 17.30 - 20.30

Duration: One evening a week for 8 weeks